Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Shower DIY

Last Sunday we hosted a baby shower for one of the couples in your young married group from church.  This was her church shower, so I knew a big crowd would be possible.  I think our house may have been the cleanest it's been since we moved in a year ago!  I decided to keep things simple (which might I say, in our Pinterest world, is hard to do) with fresh flowers as the main decorations.   There is a flower shop just over the river that my friend, Eileen, has shown me.  I got lucky they were still there as I went after they were closed.  Flower arranging is not my forte, but I have to say, I was a little proud of myself.

Some lemons really made this one bright and fresh looking!

there were NO blue Hydrangeas in Tuscaloosa.  So we, settled for white.  I also have to thank Glisa for coming over and helping put everything in place and her flower expertise!

Mrs. Cindy came to my rescue on this one and cut some fresh flowers from her yard

John William has a sign in his room that says what "little boys are made of" and I'm learning it's more true every day!  So I decided to put this on the chalk board down stairs (the chalk board that we say we will one day frame!)

the mailbox had a baby blue ribbon and I decided to put a cross on the door. This idea came from a cross John William got that we hung on the hospital door.  They of course retail for $40, and I found some wooden crosses at Hobby Lobby for $25.. still more than I was wanting to spend on a door decoration.  So I went to the trusty foam board, $2.54 :)  This is what I used for the Valentine heart I had on my door in February.  I traced the cross that we had, and then passed it on to Brett to cut out.  He wasn't thrilled with me on that because it can be hard to cut.  But I knew my engineer of a husband would work it out!  I painted it, and viola!

I've also been wanting to change out my door wreath anyway, so I decided I'd make one for the back door, that would move to the front after the shower.  I saw this on Pinterest, and loved it!

Living in Tuscaloosa with football season right around the corner I decided to use red as the 'accent' color.  I got some 2 1/2 inch burlap ribbon with red polka dots and used some red and tan raffia I had on hand.  I also had the "P" (yes in the over used 'Curlz' font) so thought it should go to!  It took a lot of playing with the ribbon to loosen it up, but it finally started working.  I tucked some in the grape vine wreath and hot glued other pieces.  It's not just like the pinterest version, but I thought it turned out ok!

We rushed home after church so John William could take his nap and then he and Brett spent the day at the Skelton's watching the Crossfit games.  When he got home Sunday evening he was impressed at our still clean house.  Maybe it will stay this way for a while... we'll see!

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  1. Thanks for posting such great ideas. We are hosting a baby shower at our house in a couple of weeks and I was needing some inspiration! I really love the chalkboard idea and the door cross decoration...I may have to steal those ideas for the shower. Wish we had pretty hydrangeas in Texas! You really did a great job, everything looked wonderful!