Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day

The Paulk's love some Chick Fil A!  I was so excited when it was cow appreciation day, so we could dress like a cow and get a free meal!  I was ready to dress up myself, but Brett said no (party pooper) but I knew we had the perfect little calf!

He wasn't as enthused as I was

But once we got to Chick fil A, it was all worth it!

We ordered our food, our 3 meals for all of $0.55!  We went to sit down and got a visitor

He loved him at first, but then Mr. Cow got a little too close.  Once John William calmed down all he wanted was to check out that cow.

so from, a distance, he loved him.

and stood and mooed at him

but once brought close again...

with a little help from daddy, and a tight grip, he was ok to touch him

this was really the only cow he wanted to be close to!

This is one of many reasons we love Chick fil A!  We are going to have to work on John William with his 'mascot' love.  Big Al will be in the picture very soon, and we can't have him scared!!

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  1. Love your precious little calf! And if he is scared of Big AL, I know a very friendly Tiger instead :)