Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break

Although I needlessly spent most of the week off worrying about John William's doctors appointment, we still managed to have a great Spring Break!

The week started by us heading to Montgomery to see Willie and Si from Duck Dynasty at Faulkner University.  Mrs. Sharon hooked us up with some great seats, by great I mean front row center!

I wasn't able to get a great pic with my phone, but there they are, in living color.  They told a little behind the scene stories, and Si told us stories that were 95% nonsense, jack!  We had a great time, and Brett and I enjoyed a night out together!

Since everyone would be traveling the following weekend we did Paulk family Easter last Sunday and enjoyed a wonderful lunch together.

a little swing time with Aunt Ashley

Brett left Tuesday to head to California on a golf trip that he annually takes with his dad and brother.  
 John William didn't understand why he couldn't go, and is ready for it to be his turn!

but no worries, we had our own fun in Fort Deposit! 

 there are 2 things you can give John William and he'll be your best friend for life.. a ball or a cookie.  I guess he gets the ball thing from Brett which leaves the cookie thing from me.

the beginning of the week was very windy and cool, so we had to stay inside.  Thankfully Pops had a solution for something fun to do.  He decided to bring his swing in and hang it from the rafters of the living room.  It put this little boy to sleep every time!  If only we had rafters in our house to hang one from!

It really was a great week, low key, without anywhere to be or anything to do.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

As did Brett...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet John William

Oh, how much we love our precious baby boy, and can't believe he is about to be 1 year old!!  The past 3 months have been a little crazy around our house due to a sick little boy.  We've struggled with ear infections and the uncomfortableness and fever that goes along with it, but also some pneumonia has been thrown in the mix.  Right before Christmas we took John William to the Dr. to see about some wheezing and congestion he had along with fever.  He had an ear infection at that time, and chest X-Rays showed he had a bit of pneumonia, so we got on antibiotics and he got fixed right up.  Throughout January and February we struggled with his ears, but we made it through it!  In the beginning of March we went back to the Dr for fever, and he had some wheezing again.  We went for more chest X-Rays and they showed that he had a congested area in the same place as it was in December... along with a double ear infection.  We got on medicine and pulled the nebulizer back out.  For about a week John William was back to his normal happy self eating and playing, but then the fever and wheeze returned.  So back to the Dr we went.  --We LOVE our Doctor and doctors office here in Tuscaloosa by the way!!!-- Another chest X-Ray showed the same pictures as we'd been seeing before.  We wanted to make sure he hadn't aspirated something, there wasn't anything in his lung that wasn't suppose to be, or to see if it was something called "Middle Right Lobe Syndrome" so our Dr. set us up with an appointment with a Pediatric Pulmonary specialist in Birmingham, we are so blessed to be so close to such a great resource that is Children's Hospital! .  Of course the week before John William's appointment I let myself worry and stress over the '"what it could be" and Brett forbid me to get on the internet to diagnose our sweet boy myself.

We had our appointment yesterday and the X-Rays showed that his lungs have cleared very well already!  Thanks of course to many prayers on John William's behalf.  The Dr. said that what he's experiencing and the very small collapsed spots in his lung could be Atelectasia, caused from the lingering effects of a Respiratory Viral Infection he could have started back in December or it could be allergies/asthma.  The Dr. was very insistent to not call it asthma, but to just say he had some symptoms/characteristics of it along with a history of it in our family.  The one definitive thing he said was, that there was not any foreign objects in his lungs-- which was my main concern and fear.  Praise the Lord for that.  We will go back to Children's on Monday to see the ENT to talk about tubes, and the ENT and Pulmonologist may compare notes and see about doing a scope of the lungs if necessary.

This week, a week where we reflect on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus I'm amazed at God's love.  His love that sent Jesus to live on Earth only to be crucified, for sinners like me.  He sent his son, that he loved, knowing the outcome.  It's hard to fathom.  This week I struggled just giving John William up to God to totally heal.  I let worry, stress, and fear take over.  I forgot that God loves John William way more than I do, and He has a perfect plan for our him and our family, just as He had the perfect plan for Jesus.  Thank you God for love and your healing power.  Thank you for your plan even when we may not understand it.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring in near!!

I am so excited the weather has turned warmer and the rain has slowed down!!  There was a while I felt we lived in a very dark and wet place!!  The sun is now shinning, flowers are beginning to bloom, and bright green grass is starting to peek through.. we love it!

speaking of things we love... here are a few things that John William is into these days...

The tupperware cabinet.  This will give him entertainment for hours! 

He'll find one he likes and push it around

then go back for another one!

he loves standing up using anything

and balls. the boy loves balls!

you'll find one in his hand most of the time

Chicken!  Chicken has become his new favorite thing to eat!

which is very convenient, because he will now eat what we eat!

with a smile!

being able to go outside has become one of our new favorite past times!

he wasn't sure about the dirt at first, and would stay on the blanket, but he eventually ventured off (with ball in hand of course)

but then turned around and came back ;)

with ball in tow!

one of our neighbors had a birthday party in the backyard with bounce houses 

he wasn't so sure of it,  but as long as Mamma was with him, it was ok!

We are looking forward to these warmer months ahead with lots of time spent outside with friends.  Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather God has given us as well!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Brayden House Bash

This weekend was The Brayden House Bash, a crossfit event fundraising for The Brayden House that is being built in our neighborhood.  Brett and I are very excited about The Brayden House, and are very much looking forward to meeting the many people that will be coming through in the years to come.
Here's a little info on The Brayden House:

Families are displaced when they have a newborn in the NICU. They sleep in cars and waiting rooms. The Brayden House will give them a home away from home
WHY - When a baby is born prematurely or exhibits at-risk symptoms, the average stay for that child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is 5-6 weeks. Since Tuscaloosa DCH is a regional hospital serving several surrounding counties, many parents of NICU babies have to either drive back and forth, rent a hotel room, or many times sleep in the waiting room or car just to stay near their child. Imagine 5-6 weeks of hotel rooms, driving back and forth, fast food and/or sleeping in a car or waiting room...all while you're concerned for your newborn.
MISSION - The Brayden House exists to provide housing and meals for displaced parents of babies in the NICU units at DCH here in Tuscaloosa and Northport, free of charge. We want to serve these parents with shelter, warm meals, spiritual support, and most of all, love!

HISTORY - Brayden Lynn Giambalvo was born to Josh and Ashley Giambalvo on February 8, 2008. Arriving 8 weeks premature, Brayden spent 26 days in the NICU before passing to Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). Since then, Josh and Ashley have been avid supporters of the March of Dimes and have raised thousands of dollars for the research of premature babies. The Brayden House is the next step in their commitment to their son's legacy.

COMMUNITY - The Brayden House will be located in The Brown House community right outside of downtown Northport, in Alabama. The Brown House is a non-profit organization focusing on a diverse, Christian, regenerative community. They are dedicated to loving their neighbor as themselves, serving and sacrificing to bring love to those who need it most.

For more information like them here on Facebook!

Brett wasn't able to compete in the singles event due to playing golf, so he and Carla hit the team WOD together.  This was a guy and girl combo team, and well, Crossfitter I am not!  Cary and I were more than glad to cheer our better halves on!

We both enjoy cheering for Daddy!


because carrying a YOKE sounds like a smart thing to do.. said no one ever!

this little man got tired just watching!

team Paulk/Skelton

Maybe one day Brett and I will do a team WOD together.. but until then, Cary and I will keep watching and trying to talk them into skipping the work out, and just going to eat!  Awesome job guys!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oldies vs. Goldies

Last weekend Brett and I made the trip to Greenville to play a fundraiser alumni basketball game at our High School, Fort Dale Academy.  We both loved FDA and enjoyed our time there thoroughly.  It's hard to believe this May will be 10 years since I graduated.  Crazy.  We were excited to go back and see some old friends, and their children!  It has been many years since we have seen some of them, and it was great to hug their necks!  

back on the hard wood together

Marcey and I.  She and I were pretty much inseparable throughout most of high school.  I miss this friend!

Lacey, the big sister I never had!

John William enjoyed watching us play too!

some of us former Eagles with out babies!

Coach Mantooth and his only 2 senior girls of 2003

the "Goldie" girls team

I'm proud to say we Goldies beat the Oldies, by only 3 points, but a W is a W!  I'm also proud to say that I was able to move the next day, that was something I was concerned of!  This was a really fun event that we will look forward to playing every year- until of course I make the change to the oldies team in 2 years ;)

February 2013

February brought this face..

every time we would sit at the table and John William finished a bite of food he would make this face (among many others) it cracked Brett and I up every time!  Luckily I got it on camera, and just in time for a Valentine's day kiss!!

Mr. Independent likes to grab his own bowl of food.  Turn your head for one minute, and strawberries will be everywhere!  

Brett Coached his Para team again, this year they were the ICE.  

my wonderful dates to Chuy's!

this year Brett's team made it to the Championship game.. and WON!!  Brett has been coaching some of these boys for 4 years!!  This was a great accomplishment, and we are so proud of these boys! Go ICE!

yes, he did.  A Krispy Kreme hamburger.   Everyone was doing it.  Said it was great.  I just said no.

Happy  Valentine's day!

look at those teeth!!  6 of them as of now!

Brett and I joined the Swann's for "Ignite your Marriage" conference.  We had a great time hanging out with some great couples, and getting a nice refresher from the word!

Ear infection- week one.  This particular ear infection is going on week 3 now.  He gets pitiful when his fever is up, but once it's back down, our all smiles boy comes right back!!