Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break

Although I needlessly spent most of the week off worrying about John William's doctors appointment, we still managed to have a great Spring Break!

The week started by us heading to Montgomery to see Willie and Si from Duck Dynasty at Faulkner University.  Mrs. Sharon hooked us up with some great seats, by great I mean front row center!

I wasn't able to get a great pic with my phone, but there they are, in living color.  They told a little behind the scene stories, and Si told us stories that were 95% nonsense, jack!  We had a great time, and Brett and I enjoyed a night out together!

Since everyone would be traveling the following weekend we did Paulk family Easter last Sunday and enjoyed a wonderful lunch together.

a little swing time with Aunt Ashley

Brett left Tuesday to head to California on a golf trip that he annually takes with his dad and brother.  
 John William didn't understand why he couldn't go, and is ready for it to be his turn!

but no worries, we had our own fun in Fort Deposit! 

 there are 2 things you can give John William and he'll be your best friend for life.. a ball or a cookie.  I guess he gets the ball thing from Brett which leaves the cookie thing from me.

the beginning of the week was very windy and cool, so we had to stay inside.  Thankfully Pops had a solution for something fun to do.  He decided to bring his swing in and hang it from the rafters of the living room.  It put this little boy to sleep every time!  If only we had rafters in our house to hang one from!

It really was a great week, low key, without anywhere to be or anything to do.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

As did Brett...

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