Saturday, March 9, 2013

January 2013

We had a wonderful first Christmas and are now ready to start a new year!

New Year's Eve was spent at home with our neighbors this year...  I think it only took us 27 tries to get that picture ;)  And yes, I'm the 3- and yes, it was hard! ha!  The beautiful think about living next to all your friends is being able to spend nights hanging out, and not having to go anywhere!  Or get a sitter!  We love our handy video monitor that allows us to see and hear John William while next door (while he's asleep and doors are locked of course!!)

Right before Christmas John William was wanting to crawl and scoot around SO BADLY!  He had the scoot and the army man maneuver, but he wasn't quite crawling, well about 3 days after Christmas he got it, and hasn't looked back since!  He's crawling and pulling up on everything, and loving every minute of it!

In late January our church, University Church of Christ, had it's baby dedication Sunday.  We were blessed to have prayers over our little family and sweet John William.

the many laughing faces of our boy.  Once you find his tickle spot, you will own him!

he's getting so big, and loving bath time!

We enjoyed watching The Tide Roll to #15

We had a little snow, and enjoyed a snow day at Preschool!

Brett had to do some traveling for work, and we were very glad when he was able to be home for dinner with us this month!

John William got his first pair of shoes

This little contraption is a net bag that holds food (banana in this particular case) in it and allows him to gum it without getting large chunks he may choke on.  He loved it... until I stopped holding it for him.  Stinker!

This rocking chair showed up at GG's house.  We're not sure where it came from, but we are enjoying it!

John Willliam is all over the purple room!  He likes to keep Jennifer & Jenn-Jenn on their toes!

Brett is playing church league basketball and John William and I were able to go to a couple games that weren't too late.  I love watching Brett play basketball, and always have.  It was very nice to see him in action!

Pops even came up for a game!

Mmmm, cookies!

We have had a great start to 2013, and are looking forward to the months to come!!

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