Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring in near!!

I am so excited the weather has turned warmer and the rain has slowed down!!  There was a while I felt we lived in a very dark and wet place!!  The sun is now shinning, flowers are beginning to bloom, and bright green grass is starting to peek through.. we love it!

speaking of things we love... here are a few things that John William is into these days...

The tupperware cabinet.  This will give him entertainment for hours! 

He'll find one he likes and push it around

then go back for another one!

he loves standing up using anything

and balls. the boy loves balls!

you'll find one in his hand most of the time

Chicken!  Chicken has become his new favorite thing to eat!

which is very convenient, because he will now eat what we eat!

with a smile!

being able to go outside has become one of our new favorite past times!

he wasn't sure about the dirt at first, and would stay on the blanket, but he eventually ventured off (with ball in hand of course)

but then turned around and came back ;)

with ball in tow!

one of our neighbors had a birthday party in the backyard with bounce houses 

he wasn't so sure of it,  but as long as Mamma was with him, it was ok!

We are looking forward to these warmer months ahead with lots of time spent outside with friends.  Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather God has given us as well!

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