Thursday, January 19, 2012

the hook up

yes, yes, we are blessed!!!  I'm so excited about baby P coming, and all the time am wanting to go out and buy him something!!  I see so many cute clothes, and oh I can't wait to get my hands on them.. however, I haven't purchased anything yet.. and then, this past week a friend gave me BAGS of clothes that her boys have out-grown... I just need to say, we are ready for the 18 month to 2T range!! :):)

Check it out!


for the beach/pool

comfy & cute PJ's

swim wear!!

some holiday fun...

shirts like Daddy...

love the Jon Jons!


In other exciting news... We have officially broken land for our house!!

"From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another" John 1:16
Thank you God for all you give Brett and I on a daily basis, you are so good to us!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 23... nothing but glee!

We are chugging right along!

and yes, there is a bump!!

at week 23 'Baby P' is the size of a large Mango weighing in a little over a pound and almost 12 inches long head to toe!

Baby P:  Yep, that means we still don't have an official name for our little guy!!  We are trying to figure this out, but not dwelling on it-  we know that it will come to us, and when we know- we'll know!!  And I'm ready to know :)  I had a doctors appointment last Friday (22 wks) and everything looked great, well sounded great!  I love, love, love hearing his heart beating!!  Such a beautiful noise!!  It's amazing how much I love this little guy and I don't even know him yet.  Such a humble reminder of how our God loves us, all of us, whether we know Him or not, he knows the depths of our hearts and loves us the same.  Brett and I long for our child to be a follower of Christ and as our family grows, we all grow closer and closer to our amazing God!

Movement:  I feel him pretty much all the time... and I LOVE IT!  People tell me that soon enough I will not enjoy these little kicks and punches as they will get harder and harder... but I can't help but grin every time I feel it!  Brett has felt him move now as well, he felt 2 little punches looked at me and smiled, that's it, that's our son, and smiled some more-- it was a very sweet moment.  His favorite time to move is after I eat, and when I finally 'take my place' on the couch at the end of the day and sit still.

Cravings:  Still pretty much anything that sounds good at the time :) it's very random.. sometimes I'll really want this salad from Walton's, and then there's always the golden arches calling me for some french fries!!  This week I've had a strong desire for blue Gatorade/G2.. who knows!!

Next Appointment:  In 3 weeks I go back and will be having my gestational diabetes test done. apparently during this appointment I'll have plenty of time to think about a name :)  I'm pretty sure this appointment will be fine and I'll pass this test.  I say this because I get my blood checked every 4-6 weeks anyway with my hematologist and surely he'd know if something was off.. and if for some reason something is off, we'll go from there!  I also go to the hematologist this week for my normal check up-- this is to check my platelets and iron (something I've been doing for the past 2 years anyway, just am going more often now) I'll post more on this after the appointment.  Everything in this area has been going great so far, PTL!

Happenings in our life:
Brett is coaching his basketball team again (3rd or 4th year with these guys) and it's so much fun!!  We've spent alot of time with these guys over the last many years between football, basketball, and baseball.  I love watching Brett coach these boys and spend time with them, it brings me joy.  I can't wait for Brett to coach our own little man-- although, I know he has no intentions of leaving this group of boys any time soon!!

defense wins championships
 drawing on the white board

 a little one on one

 good luck charms

Oh, and we had a special friend come visit us...
just in time for the big game :)  And what a game it was!!  We stayed up way past our work night bed time, but it was so worth it!!  We are both proud to be Alums of such a great University!!  Roll Tide Roll!!!

Looking forward to Katie and Braxton coming to visit this weekend!!!  If you haven't yet, check out what she, her mom, and Grandmother have been up to!!  On facebook look for "The Three Peas in a Pod".  Some of the sweetest things I've seen!!  More on that and pics in the next post!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Another year passes by, and the calendar pages don't slow down a bit!!  I'm very thankful for the year 2011, as I am every year.  No matter any heart ache or pain we had, we had more blessings.  God continues to be so good to Brett and I, and we have to give him all the glory, for all we have.  We are in great health, have awesome family, and amazing friends.  Here's a look at how this Paulk family of 2 spent 2011...

Brett coached basketball

Played Basketball

Brett enjoyed a guys only golfing trip in California

had an awesome beach trip with dear friends

 and acted like kids ourselves

had a weekend get-a-way in Atlanta

where Brett got Crossfit Certified 

enjoyed some baseball

cheered on the STATE CHAMPS!!

Family vacation with my family

white water rafted

Witnessed miracles and answered prayers

began to understand the meaning of family

sold our house

bought a piece of land

rejoiced in the excitement of becoming a family of 3

are amazed by God's amazing miracle and blessing growing inside of me


Cheered on our team

transformed into Ogres

tailgated with great friends

 and family

enjoyed the blessings of Christmas

 rung in the new year with some great teenagers

Wow, what a year.  I look back at these pictures and smile.  I thank God again for all he has given me.  As far as "resolutions" this year...  Right now, my goal is to live in this season.  Not wishing hours, days, and months away.  Being thankful for the day God has given me today and what He is wanting me to achieve in this day.  This year there will be many "I just can't wait for.." moments.  Beginning to build our house, having our sweet baby boy, moving into our house and getting out of this apartment, and so much more.  We are only promised today, so I will enjoy and be thankful for it.  I will make the most of what I can and thank God for all He gives me on a daily basis!!

Happy New Year!!!
Baby update.. Doctors appointment Friday, and nope... still no definite name!!