Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Card Pictures 2012

Can I just say how awesome it is to have a photographer in the family!?!?  Thank you so much Ashley for some great pictures!  You really have a gift!!

John William was over it by this time!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Paulk house is ready for Christmas!  I was sad last year when we were in the apartment I didn't really get to decorate, so I was super excited to dig it all out this holiday season!  Going through our boxes and bins of Christmas decorations is like opening a Christmas present in itself!  Many of our decorations are from family members, important events in the past, and now fun stuff to look forward to with a baby boy in the house!  So here's a look into our home for the holidays!

The tree.. I'm hoping Brett will let me get a wider tree next year!

Ginger Bread house from our wedding

Manger, that my Grandmother painted

Stockings by "The Three Peas in the Pod"

a little touch of Pinterest

Merry Christmas, Love the Paulks

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!!

Yesterday John William and I took advantage of a beautiful Alabama Saturday morning and took a walk down to Anders Toy Store here in down town Northport.  I love down town Northport!  It is historic and all the shops are are 'local', although there isn't too much to chose from any shop you go in will be a right choice!  In many ways it reminds me of down town Greenville when I lived there.  On our way out in the yard Mary Helen came outside and decided to join us, which was a great help to me!  John William already LOVES Mary Helen.  He grins and laughs at her as soon as she walks in the room!  Mary Helen will soon be our number one babysitter! We are very thankful that he has some of the sweetest kiddos we know to show him the ropes, we are blessed with some pretty cool neighborhood children.

 He was ready to go!

He loves just being outside

and there is always so much to look at!

loving his "May-May"

John William wasn't sure what to think about Santa, he just knew there was far too much going on outside to look at than to look and smile at the camera!!  

First visit with santa... Check!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andrew plays at Bryant Denny

Last Sunday after church and before John William got back from Fort Deposit we got to watch Andrew play football at Bryant Denny!  How exciting is that!?!?  I honestly think Brett was a little jealous because he never got to strap on a helmet and cleats on that prestigious field!  However, he did pop the big question there, and that's a special moment at Bryant Denny Stadium I will NEVER forget!  Ok, back to the post at hand!  We were very excited to go and watch Andrew, along with some other friends we knew there!

#12.. Andrew Boykin

we even got to see Zion in action!

and of course there was another game on the side!

What a fun day this was!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and ate entirely too much!!  We enjoyed time with family and time together.
 The kids table.. no matter how old we get, we will always save seats for each other to all sit at the same table!
John Will decided to hold a plank for a while after all his feasting on Thanksgiving!!  This little man is wanting to scoot around so badly!!

 When we came back to Tuscaloosa we left John William in Fort Deposit with Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Ronnie because Brett and I were going to the game and it was forecasted to be a very cold and windy day so John William didn't really need to go to the tail gate this week.  We are very blessed to have Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Sharon who are crazy about our little one and are ALWAYS willing to help us out any time we need it!  We never worry when John William is with his grandparents and that is such a blessing!  If only John William's other grandparents lived closer!!

Brett and I have tail gated for just about every home game for the past 9 years, and we really enjoy it.  We love spending time with our friends, eating great food, and getting ready for the Tide to play!  A lot of work goes in to these tailgates and we appreciate all those that help out.  I may say that I don't like it because I sometimes loose my husband during tailgate time, but I really do enjoy it, and I know he loves doing it so much.  This past weeks tailgate was great, and having the fire pit really helped out!  It was a great season, and we'll look forward to next year!

Usually during the Iron Bowl weekend Brett and I run into many old friends from High School, but sadly this year, many of them didn't make the trip.  We still managed to have a great time.  And in case you didn't hear... Alabama 49... Auburn ZERO!!!!!  RTR!!

 We had a great time with Skelton's!!
 even despite the cold!

But we were ever so glad to get our hands back on our sweet little man, and we are now counting down to Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Fall

2 posts in one day, what!?!  I have to do it when I'm thinking about it... and have time :-)

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

I am so thankful for my wonderful family of 3.  A wonderful loving husband that provides for us and leads us.  A perfect 7 month old baby boy that has his parents smitten over him.  A beautiful home surrounded by many we love.  An amazing extended family that will do anything for us.  An awesome God that has given us all of these blessings and so much more!!

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and friends in Fort Deposit.  This little man may not enjoy turkey but he definitely loves sweet potatoes and I'm sure he'll get his fill this weekend.

We hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Halloween Part 2

Why yes, it is almost a month since Halloween, but I finally dumped pictures off my camera onto my computer, and remembered I had taken several shots at our "halloween thing".  I'm so bad at just taking pictures with my phone and uploading them, that I forget about the ones I take with my good camera!

Every year our neighborhood does a "Halloween Thing"- think fall festival with all your neighbors, games, face painting, candy, FUN!  It's lots of fun, and a huge hit.  It was rather cool on this day and really windy, so our little Sweet Pea had to sit this one out at home with is Daddy because he was just getting over his first ear infection (which cleared up fine, and we've had no problems since!)  So here are some shots for the 2012 Halloween Thing...

Fun and games!

Bean Bag Toss

a little live music

More game fun!

A little nail polish action

Captain America even showed up! 

3 of the Gillis clan

the Smiths having some pin pong fun

the gang's all here!!

The Davis'!

A fun time was had by all!! If you're in the area next Halloween, come join us!!