Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween Part 2

Why yes, it is almost a month since Halloween, but I finally dumped pictures off my camera onto my computer, and remembered I had taken several shots at our "halloween thing".  I'm so bad at just taking pictures with my phone and uploading them, that I forget about the ones I take with my good camera!

Every year our neighborhood does a "Halloween Thing"- think fall festival with all your neighbors, games, face painting, candy, FUN!  It's lots of fun, and a huge hit.  It was rather cool on this day and really windy, so our little Sweet Pea had to sit this one out at home with is Daddy because he was just getting over his first ear infection (which cleared up fine, and we've had no problems since!)  So here are some shots for the 2012 Halloween Thing...

Fun and games!

Bean Bag Toss

a little live music

More game fun!

A little nail polish action

Captain America even showed up! 

3 of the Gillis clan

the Smiths having some pin pong fun

the gang's all here!!

The Davis'!

A fun time was had by all!! If you're in the area next Halloween, come join us!!

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