Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Couple 'Firsts" for JW

Last week John William and I headed down to Destin with Brett's mom and sister.  Brett was working out of town that week and it was the last week before I was returning to work so the timing was perfect for us to go.  He did great on the ride down and back, and didn't have any problems being in a new place.  The weather was overcast the entire time we were there with a few hours of sunshine here and there and those good old beach thunder storms at night.  Even though the weather wasn't prime we had such a great time.  We didn't get burnt and a rainy day at the beach sure beats a rainy day at home!

When we first got there we headed to the pool while it was later afternoon so my sweet boys fair skin could handle it.  He LOVED it!!  He kicked his legs and grinned his precious smile at us and even thought about falling asleep in his float!

As for the actual beach... he didn't love as much!!  He slept on Mrs. Sharon's chest for a while (under the umbrella of course) and when he woke up we decided to see if he'd like the sand in his toes and waves on his legs... Plain and simple.  He didn't like it!!  I know this will change in the years to come and he and his daddy will be building sand castles, throwing the football, and riding waves on a boogey board.

Pictures on the beach were ok, so long as he didn't have to get any of that sand on him or get in the cold water!

he's already a ladies man

his first words may be, "Mom, stop kissing me!!"

He did great every night we went to eat!!  He was a great date!

We got back from the beach Wednesday night, and Thursday morning it was back to work for me!  After 15 weeks of being off, 14 1/2 of them with John William, it was a little surreal going back.  Do I really have a 3 month old?  Is summer really over?  Will I be able to get myself and John William up and ready to be at work every day?  But I was ready.  Ready to get back in a routine, ready to get back to co-workers that are great friends, ready to be a teacher again.  But I was also sad,  I wouldn't be with John William all day, I won't get to sit and stare at him all day, smile with him, talk with him, and give him every bottle.  But, if you didn't know, I have the best of both worlds and am truly blessed with an awesome job.  I teach in the Blue Room, the 4 year old class, John William will be in the Purple room just.across.the.hall.  Yep, I get a glimpse of him every now and again and if ever there was a problem I would be there already.  His teachers are awesome and could probably teach me a thing or two about raising this sweet boy.  That helps so much and is making this transition so much easier.  John William is so loved there and I am too.  We love UCP!!!!!

This was his first day!

He's having so much fun, he's pooped once he gets home!

He is doing great with school, and so am I.  I love being back in the classroom and around all the wonderful children there.  It's such a happy place and there is just something about the pureness of a child that can bring joy to anyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The days may be long, but the years are short

It's hard to believe this little guy is 3 months.  I know 3 months may not seem long to many, but the speed that they have blown by is crazy for us!  And it seems each month that passes goes faster and faster!  Our little man is beginning to hold himself steady more and more, hold his head up and look like a turtle, he's begun rolling over from tummy to back, and my personal favorite make the sweetest sounds I've ever heard!  His fists have become his favorite play thing and his smiles can melt your heart! We are so in love!

He really likes his tummy time!

When we stroll he looks up at me with the sweetest eyes! He loves going shipping with mommy!

His daddy just loves these Michael Jordan onsies!!

I have been finding this little guy rolled over in his bed.. he won't, however do it while we are watching... yet!

his new favorite thing... his fists!

such a sweet heart!