Wednesday, July 25, 2012

J.Will's nursery and a little bath time

From the time we found out we were having a little boy everyone asked what the nursery looked like and if the nursery was done...  Since I knew we'd move into our new house very close to John William's arrival I decided I didn't want to do a nursery in the apartment and then move out a month later, I'd rather have it all ready at the house.  So we did the pack and play thing at the apartment, and now that our little guy is almost 3 months old his nursery is about complete!  Some of the walls still feel a little bare for me, but I know it won't take long before everything is full of pictures of our pride and joy!!

a HUGE thank you to Ms. Jackie, our sweet friend and neighbor, that made John William's bedding.  We love it!!!

 this is the chair, that was bought almost 26 years ago, that rocked Brett

the picture frame I love that my sweet class got me

this cross hung on one of our hospital doors when John William was born

my "spring break" project I did last March 

this picture actually hangs in John William's bathroom, I just had to share!

and speaking of the bathroom... this sweet little boy is loving bath time these days!!  He gets so 'brave' and starts to kick and stomp his feet to splash, then he almost scares himself, but continues the splashing!  This little boy holds his mommy and daddy's hearts!!

I mean, who couldn't fall in love with that smile!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


The first Tuesday of every month 12 of us girls get together for a fun night food, fellowship, and rolling the dice!!

our group has been together going on 2 years now, and a good time is always had

even when we feel we have way too much going on in our lives and we don't have time to play, when we get together and let loose a great time is always had

 this particular night we didn't actually play

we decided to catch up with one another

and share exciting news!

Congratulations to Meagan (above on right) on your bundle of joy coming in February!!  We are all so excited for you and Kyle!!

and,oh, we realigned the crystal's in Brittney's ears :)

So where was this little guy during all the fun?

he and daddy visited Cary and Carla

JW LOVES them!!

and so do we!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Three Peas in a Pod

My dear friend Katie Guinn that use to live here in Tuscaloosa, and I so wish still lived closer, has started up a business at her new home near Florence.  She along with her precious mother and grandmother have been whipping up some of the cutest clothes, towels, burp cloths, and so much more!!  There business, The Three Peas in a Pod has become one of my favorites!!  I see the things they post on facebook and I want to get it all!! The things they make are perfect for any occasion, and if you even just gave them an idea of something you wanted done, I'm almost positive they could whip it up and have it mailed to you in a very timely manner!  Most of the pictures I am posting here are little boy things, but everything she does for a boy, she can do for a boy as well!  Check them out on Facebook, HERE, and get your order placed :)

and for now, enjoy these pictures!

Just for fun outfits

(she can do Mickey or Minnie in so many different fabrics, she made one in a Buzz Lightyear pattern!)

(J-Will have this one next spring to go golf with his Daddy, Pops, and Uncle B)

(and this will be for when he goes fishing with his Grandaddy Mel)

(recognize those initials ;) )


 Christmas PJ's that can be monogrammed

(yes, these are all Alabama, but this Alabama Alum would incorporate some orange and blue if necessary ;) )

Just a FEW MISC. things..

beach towels

Burp Clothes

guest towels

and some of our personal favs :)

 this is a gown with a large J in the middle with John William written through it

 and has matching burp cloth

 one of his favorite (and softest) gowns!


All of the Three Peas in a Pod things make perfect gifts as well!!
Thank you Katie for all the goodies we have, I can't wait to make my next order!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are finally in our new home!

We've been in about a week and a half

and we've been going non-stop ever since

however there are still boxes to unpack

and pictures to hang

but this little guy (and his mom) are glad to have his daddy home with us alot more

we are indeed blessed, and so very happy to be home!!