Monday, March 29, 2010

Congratulations Miss Jessy!

Congratulations to my dear friend and co-worker, Miss Jessy!! Brett and I are very excited about thier engagement last weekend!!

Jessy and Jonathan both have Christ at the head of their lives, and I know they both will always strive to keep Him first and the center of their relationship.

Can't wait to discuss wedding plans at work, and to watch everything fall into place!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring Break 2010.. no trip to the beach, or the mountains.. no get away to some bed and breakfast or quaint place to stay.. Instead it was spent here in Tuscaloosa, and it was FABULOUS!!!! It was so nice to just be at home, come and go, and get a few things done!! The week began spending time with family for my SIL's boyfriends birthday. It was a great way to start the week, casual friends and family get together-- and the food is always wonderful!

And then, for some reason, I decided I wanted to be creative over the rest of the week! Project #1..

This was one of Brett's great grandmother's pieces of furniture that has ended up at our house (I have to say, that I LOVE all the pieces of furniture that we have that have come from many different family members- I think it adds character, and we're grateful to have it!!) I like having this piece because I can tuck away many things!! It was once in our dinning room, and we recently moved it in the kitchen table area. The wood color just didn't go with the red walls, steel appliances, and black counter tops; so I thought I'd paint it black...

It's somewhat finished :):) was waiting for new hardware to put the doors back on, that will be done this week and it will be time to refill the cabinets!! And yes, talk about not going with things-- those chairs, that may be my next big project ;)

Project #2

The ladies of our Young Married Sunday School class decided it was time for a girls night, so we went to All Fired Up (I had never been, and I just loved it!!) and then dinner at Fig. Hopefully I can pick up my piece at the end of the week, I'm anxious to see it with the real colors! It was a fun night with good friends-- ladies, we need to start thinking about our next outing!!!

Project #3...

Mary Helen spent the night at our house after church Wednesday night, and Thursday we decided to do some painting!! It was a fun sleep over filled with Nancy Drew and Zac Efron, haha, I love having a 10 year old as such a dear friend, she keeps me in the loop and gives me an excuse to get to know all this info!

Project #4..
so, I had seen this at several different shops, and just loved it.. Probably because the lake is one of our favorite places! Glad it's almost that season!

Project #5.. Well, this wasn't my project, and I wish I can say I was more apart of it, but this was a project going on with some of our good friends. The college group at our church, along with 2 other churches came to Tuscaloosa for the 2nd part of the spring break week to do some community service. In the West Circle community, in Northport, a garden is now ready, a home was cleaned out, some touch ups were done, and progress was made. God was definitely present, and I think everyone was reminded how awesome He is, and how if we only trust and put our faith in Him, HE WILL PROVIDE!!!!!

oh LaMont and Zion, this picture is just dangerous!!

Brian (my BIL came up with the Montgomery group) definitely put in some hard work!!! Thank you Brian!

If you don't know about the brown house ministry, you should really check it out!
Brett and I are so glad to call Amy and Adam Pierce friends, and learn from them, and God's obvious presence in them, all the time!

Spring Break 2010 was awesome.. actually quite literally wore me out!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paulk :)

So now that I am a Paulk, I thought I should change my blog!

The answer to the always asked (yet now it is coming few and far between) question... YES, we are loving married life! 2 1/2 months in, and it's great! We are just busy busy busy! Tis the season I guess! It's all good stuff, so we can handle it! Brett is finishing school in May, so he is super busy with all sorts of Senior Engineering projects, I'm busy at work, and we both stay busy all sorts of extra-curricular activities; life is good for us Paulk's!