Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fort Deposit

We got summer started off by heading down to Fort Deposit/Greenville.  My Grandmother, that lives in Greenville, is moving to Florida to be closer to the rest of our family, while I'm very excited for her in that I will miss having her here and getting to visit with her when we make our trips to Fort Deposit.  We started our weekend off by helping her load up the moving truck so she and my uncle could head south...

For some reason if there is a balcony involved- furniture will be brought down over it!  
We got her squared away and she was on the road.  Brett and Mr. Ronnie were playing in a Father/Son Golf tournament afterward, so I headed back to Brett's parents house so John William and I could hit the pool!

He wasn't so sure about it at first, but as always, once a ball was introduced it became ok!  He had a big time splashing around and throwing the ball.  He wasn't interested in his float- maybe next time.

I, however, was very interested in the float!  Once John William laid down for a nap I was able to lay back with my Diet Mountain Dew and just float in the water.  I haven't done that in a while, and it was so nice.  The weather was perfect, the scenery was quiet except for sounds of nature, and the vitamin D  was making me feel so good.  It was a wonderful afternoon in the pool!

When John William woke up, it was time to play!  We tried out his new play set..

 He loved to go up the ladder and down the slide!  The swings and steering wheel on it were pretty cool too!

then came his new favorite thing...

Riding the Chuck Wagon.  Oh my. he would have rode around all day.  We went all around the yard, talked to the cows, went up and down hills, and just had a blast.  He thought he was big stuff while he was 'driving'... 

 We had a great visit, and so much fun..  

our big boy also did this..  

decided to take several steps!!  Can't believe how big he is getting so fast!  We are enjoying every minute of it!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

a few more firsts..

Last Saturday Brett played in a golf tournament, and afterward he wasn't ready to put his clubs down.  It was a nice overcast; not too hot, not too cool kind of day.  John William and I decided to join Brett, Pops, and Uncle Brian at the course and ride around in the cart for a while.  John William loves to be outside, and I know it won't be long before he starts tagging along with Brett in all his out door adventures.  I'm not sure who's more excited about that!!

He is so close to walking, but realizes he can get to where he's going so much faster by crawling, he'd just assume do that!  He's got the baby statue and baby squat down though!!

Luckily there weren't too many serious golfers out there, John William didn't realize he was suppose to be quiet on the course- the boy likes to talk... wonder where he gets that from?!?!

John William got to enjoy some cookie cake in his classroom the other day...


He also got his first bloody boo boo.  As a mommy of a boy- I know we will have many more of these!!

And he started driving.. wait!  No, the car was off, he thought he was big stuff though!

So many firsts are coming and going, it's very bitter sweet.  We are enjoying every minute with our sweet boy, and while looking forward to the things to come, we are treasuring the time that we are in and taking in every moment with thanksgiving!

First Haircut

Since the beginning John William's hair has reminded me of my Grand John's, thicker around the back and bottom while thin and scarce on the top all while being very fine.  To be honest, our sweet baby was getting a mullet!  While I was ready to pull out the scissors myself, Brett insisted I not do that.  He need just a little trim and shape up, so off to see Mrs. Angel it was.  Angel has been cutting Brett's hair every 4 weeks for some time now, so now John William will be added into the rotation.  Angel is so sweet and always so accommodating to Brett's busy schedule and always finds time to squeeze him in! Off to the salon we went!  John William did great and was still for the entire cut!

this little boy loves his Daddy!

the blonde/red color throws us off too!!  Thinking it will be light this summer, but soon enough it will turn dark like his mom and dad!

the hair cut wore him out!

So big with a new cut and turned around in the car.. time is flying!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

John William's birthday Party

Last Saturday we had John William's first birthday party.  It was wonderful.  Family came up and we all got together and celebrated him, along with our neighbors.  John William is obsessed with balls, he loves throwing them, chasing them, holding them.. anything!  So his birthday theme was.. balls!

so.. here comes picture over load :)

All about John William...

 I decided to print pictures of John William from the past year and just put them all over for decoration

 and use lots of balloons (thanks Eileen!)

Grandaddy Mel

some neighborhood friends came to celebrate!

my mom, sister-in-law, and grandmother

2 more ladies I am very thankful to have in my life

John William loved his ball pit!

we were so glad Luke and his family came to see us!!

Thank you Rayla for making this wonderful cake!  Delicious!!

John William's smash cake

our happy family of 3

waiting for cake

he looks like he may be interested...

but only from a distance

us you throw a ball in the mix!

forget the cake, he wants the ball!

he really cared nothing about the cake.. he definitely does NOT get that from me!


see ya later cake!

 that night... he was exhausted from a  great day!

and we ALL enjoyed our weekend time with Granny Angie!

thanks to everyone who helped with our little man's special day!  It really was wonderful!!