Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Haircut

Since the beginning John William's hair has reminded me of my Grand John's, thicker around the back and bottom while thin and scarce on the top all while being very fine.  To be honest, our sweet baby was getting a mullet!  While I was ready to pull out the scissors myself, Brett insisted I not do that.  He need just a little trim and shape up, so off to see Mrs. Angel it was.  Angel has been cutting Brett's hair every 4 weeks for some time now, so now John William will be added into the rotation.  Angel is so sweet and always so accommodating to Brett's busy schedule and always finds time to squeeze him in! Off to the salon we went!  John William did great and was still for the entire cut!

this little boy loves his Daddy!

the blonde/red color throws us off too!!  Thinking it will be light this summer, but soon enough it will turn dark like his mom and dad!

the hair cut wore him out!

So big with a new cut and turned around in the car.. time is flying!

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