Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!!

Yesterday John William and I took advantage of a beautiful Alabama Saturday morning and took a walk down to Anders Toy Store here in down town Northport.  I love down town Northport!  It is historic and all the shops are are 'local', although there isn't too much to chose from any shop you go in will be a right choice!  In many ways it reminds me of down town Greenville when I lived there.  On our way out in the yard Mary Helen came outside and decided to join us, which was a great help to me!  John William already LOVES Mary Helen.  He grins and laughs at her as soon as she walks in the room!  Mary Helen will soon be our number one babysitter! We are very thankful that he has some of the sweetest kiddos we know to show him the ropes, we are blessed with some pretty cool neighborhood children.

 He was ready to go!

He loves just being outside

and there is always so much to look at!

loving his "May-May"

John William wasn't sure what to think about Santa, he just knew there was far too much going on outside to look at than to look and smile at the camera!!  

First visit with santa... Check!!!

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  1. He did great with Santa! Owen wasn't too sure about him last year. This year he likes him from a distance, but not sure we are going to get a picture ; )