Saturday, March 9, 2013

February 2013

February brought this face..

every time we would sit at the table and John William finished a bite of food he would make this face (among many others) it cracked Brett and I up every time!  Luckily I got it on camera, and just in time for a Valentine's day kiss!!

Mr. Independent likes to grab his own bowl of food.  Turn your head for one minute, and strawberries will be everywhere!  

Brett Coached his Para team again, this year they were the ICE.  

my wonderful dates to Chuy's!

this year Brett's team made it to the Championship game.. and WON!!  Brett has been coaching some of these boys for 4 years!!  This was a great accomplishment, and we are so proud of these boys! Go ICE!

yes, he did.  A Krispy Kreme hamburger.   Everyone was doing it.  Said it was great.  I just said no.

Happy  Valentine's day!

look at those teeth!!  6 of them as of now!

Brett and I joined the Swann's for "Ignite your Marriage" conference.  We had a great time hanging out with some great couples, and getting a nice refresher from the word!

Ear infection- week one.  This particular ear infection is going on week 3 now.  He gets pitiful when his fever is up, but once it's back down, our all smiles boy comes right back!!

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