Saturday, July 13, 2013


Mrs. Sharon, John William and I decided to ride along with the boys while they played a round.  The course was so beautiful, I am not photographer, but I am so glad I was able to get some of these shots!

brotherly love

He really wanted to get on the green

riding along while 4 other guys play golf may not sound fun to most, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The weather was perfect, the course was beautiful, and I'm a little partial to one of the athletes!

John William made it to about hole number 7 and then he was ready for a nap.  He and Mrs. Sharon headed back to the room, while I got to stay and enjoy the rest of the day outside!

No, I didn't play

Mr. Ronnie hit an Eagle on number 13!!

And here comes #14, the infamous floating green.  I am a proud wife to say that Brett hit par both times he played.

It really was a beautiful day, and I was so glad I got to ride along and enjoy it with them.  As soon as the round was over we rushed back in order to make dinner.  This little man was ready and waiting for us!

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