Friday, August 9, 2013

Orange Beach 2013

Last week Brett and I got to enjoy the beach with family!  This was one last hoorah before summer ended and busy fall schedules ensued.  It was yet again another great get-a-way!  And this time the entire family was able to be there, at least for some of the time!

I fotgot my camera, and was sick about it, but thankfully had the trusty iPhone along with Ashley bringing her camera- it's such a wonderful thing having a photographer in the family!

this boy loves his daddy... and so do I!!

he didn't love getting all sandy (like his Daddy) so bringing his little pool on the beach was a big hit!

he also loves his Pops and Grandma!!!

when we weren't at the beach we enjoyed the splash pad!  John William would get brave and run through the fountains over head!

Can't express how much I love this wonderful blessing in our lives!

no need to bring toys when there is a remote present!

first time we have all 3 been at the beach!

the big pool was another favorite stop!

thanks to Pops and Grandma, Brett and I got a date night!

John William loves Lecia!  So glad she got join us.  

we had to wait at Lulu's so Pops was to the rescue.  Nothing like some Dipin' Dots before dinner!  Which didn't put a damper on John William's appetite at all!

we had such a wonderful time with family and enjoying some of God's most beautiful days.  The weather was perfect, the company was wonderful, and the memories are joyous!  Already looking forward to next year.  We'll have a 2 year old then, that I'm sure will become more adventurous!

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  1. Great pics of your cute little family!!! Glad y'all had a great time!