Saturday, August 31, 2013

Clinic #6

Also known as the Pulmonary Clinic at Children's hospital in Birmingham, is a place we have come to know.  And we are thankful for that.  Last March we noticed John William was having chronic bouts with pneumonia, after looking at all his x-rays we noticed that the spots in his lungs were really not healing (especially the spots on his right lung).  We got checked out and he has something called "Middle Right Lobe Syndrome", something apparently common in young children, along with talking about him having asthma.  This is all treatable, so that we are thankful for.  When we went back in May his lungs were looking better (spots still there, but not worse) and we were told in August he could begin to be congested again with constant mucus.  And like clock work, August 1st approached, and there was the snot!  He hasn't had any other symptoms, so I knew it was just his allergies, and because he has the spots on his right lung that act like sponges he just tends to hold the congestion and mucus a little better than others.  We had our scheduled visit to clinic 6, and I was thankful for that.  After looking at x-rays it still shows those little sponges on the middle lobe of right lung, but the Dr. said they hadn't worsened to a point of concern- that's a great thing, especially since he has been so congested!  He suggested along with his inhaler steroid he also take Singular daily to help with his allergens.  We will go back in January so long as he doesn't catch any lung infections (Pneumonia) this fall/early winter, which he is at higher risk for.  We will just pray that we will avoid that this season and we'll have a clear check up in January!

the exam room tends to get a little silly as we wait!

our nurse let John William check his oxygen levels!

these 2 are best buddies

for being such a trooper he got a prize when we got home

and he loves it!

Basketball in my living room.. makes me feel like a mommy of a big boy.. and I love it!

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