Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's in a name...

Since we found out almost 3 weeks ago that baby Paulk was a boy, we've been really trying to give our sweet boy a name.. but so far, all we have is a narrowed down list :)  Growing up I always knew just what I was going to name my children (as well as where I was going to live, what I'd drive, my career, etc- and yeah, none of that is exactly what I thought, praise the Lord!).  I'll come up with some names and Brett isn't 100% on them, he'll come up with some and I'm not 100% on them.. we either know someone with that name that's too close to us, it reminds of something we'd rather not think of on a daily basis, or we just don't love what the name could be shortened to!  Yes, we know we are blessed to have this 'problem' of naming our first born, and yes our child is blessed to have parents taking the time to give him the perfect name!!  Maybe by my next post we'll have to perfect name our precious miracle!

Merry Christmas

Brett and I spent Christmas in Fort Deposit at Brett's parents house (where we have spent Christmas together the past 10 years!!! Well, he has his whole life of course!

Christmas Eve the boys got to play golf, while we girls did some last minute shopping, resting, and Mrs. Sharon baked.  Christmas day was a wonderful day spent with family.  Not a whole lot going on, just nice togetherness, complete with the traditional waffle breakfast (that was actually lunch after church :) ) Brett and I talked about how this would be the last Christmas of it just being the 2 of us, and how from now on we'd have a lot more excitement and Santa business to come!!  We are so excited!!  On Monday we had McCraney Christmas (Brett's moms side) for lunch and the Paulk Christmas for dinner.  It was yet another fun filled family day!  Although I missed seeing my family, it was a great weekend being close to those we care about and being so loved.  It's always great to be reminded of what the holiday season is all about, and reflecting on the real Christmas story.  Being reminded that we should always adore Him and he showers us with blessings year round.

So, how's baby P...

Size: at 20 weeks (last Friday) he was the size of a mango, and the length of a banana.. mmmm!!! About 10 1/2 ounces and 10 inches from head to toe.
Me: I feel great!!  Definitely enjoying my time off from work on Christmas break!  I have do now have a 'bump' and I think it's getting bigger by the day!!  Sleep is still good, minus those potty breaks, of which I feel like are all the time!!
Movement: I feel him very often now, and I love it!!  Christmas Eve I felt him a lot and called for Brett to come feel, because I could feel on the outside as well, but alas, by the time he got in the other room, baby P had stopped!  I know soon enough Brett will feel the little guy too!!
Cravings: Nothing new, nothing crazy.. just a little bit of everything- in moderation of course!!

We are over half way there now, and I know time is going to fly by!!  May 12 (or whenever he makes his grand appearance) will be here before we know it!!

 So, I really hope baby P looks just like him!!!!!

McCraney family Christmas 

fun times!!!


  1. Maybe this will ease your mind of naming...or it may encourage you to work even harder on it. Luc was being discharged from the hospital before he had a name. I was not happy with the decision...and I'm still not crazy about his name but it does have lots of sentimental meaning. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Noelle!! I have a feeling that we may be leaving the hospital before we have it for sure!! We want to do a family name with sentimental meaning, but oh, it's hard!! We know alot of Luc's (or Luke's) or it would be in the hat for drawing!! Missed y'all over Christmas, but totally understand!! We didn't make the trip to Orlando to see my family this year, sometimes it's just hard to go so far!! If you have any name ideas, feel free to send them our way ;)