Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthaversary...

I'm very thankful and blessed that 2 years ago my best friend shared his special day with me.  I always wanted a Christmas wedding... Christmas time brings me so much joy, and this would only add to it.  My grandparents got married on my Grandfather's birthday, he always said my Grandmother was the best birthday he ever got, I loved that!!  These grandparents definitely had the type of marriage that stood for everything important, so doing anything like they did was a plus!!!  After dating 7 years, Brett popped the question...  It was perfect!!  To be honest, I can't believe I didn't totally drive poor Brett crazy in my anticipation in this event happening!!  But he did such a great job in picking out the ring (all by himself) and coming up with the proposal plan!

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

My grandmother :)  Brett had her, and his family hiding in the stands, his sister took pictures :)  I was lured into the stadium by our great friends the Boykin's and Davis' saying they were taking Christmas card pictures and we were meeting the boys there (they had been there for a dinner)

A little over a year later... We were married.  It was a day taken straight out of a fairy tale.  I can't express how absolutely wonderful that day was.  All my dreams came true and everything was absolutely perfect!!!  I can't thank our parents and the Boykins enough for all they did to make everything so wonderful.  Every time I think about our wedding, I think about them and all they have done for us, did for us that day, and what they continue to do.  We are 2 years and counting in our marriage, and with a baby and new house coming this year, I can only imagine how exciting next year will be!!  We are so blessed.  I am so blessed by a husband that adores me, treats me with respect, cares what I think and my opinions, asks for my advice, seeks the Lord for council, is a hard worker, has compassion for all, strength, and the kindest heart.  I love you Brett!!!

The Wedding Party 

The Handsome Groom!! 

 yes, it was pretty cold!!

beautiful bridesmaids!! 

My family

Brett's family

The Hollidays!

Brett's Grandma 

the Boykins 

Trey and Amy 

Mary Helen 

Mary Helen singing, 'Angels Among Us' 

Clayton, the perfect ring barer- he took his job seriously! 

Thank you, Andy!! We couldn't have asked for anything more perfect!! 

 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brett Paulk

The Lamb family- they are AWESOME!!! if anyone ever gets a chance to hear them or have them at an event, jump on it!!!

Thank you Rayla-- the cakes were AMAZING!!! 

Oh Amy!!

And we're off to NYC!!!

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  1. I loved reading your post and learning more about your beginning. You and Brett are an amazing couple and I hope you had a great anniversary. Love you guys :-)