Monday, October 29, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods...

To grandmothers house we go!  Last weekend our little family of 3 decided to make the journey down south to visit my family in Orlando.  John William hadn't met many of Floridian family members, and we thought it was time!  John William was a trooper in the car, becuase it is quite a hike from Tuscaloosa to Orlando, especially for a 6 month old.  We did end up having to stop both ways over night, the little guy had just had enough, and 8 hours was about all he could handle at a time, and we learned that he didn't like traveling at night!  He, like his mommy, wants to be in a bed at bedtime and nowhere else!  We also learned this mommy is pro at going from front seat to back seat en route!

A little Baby Einstein was watched

His Grandale was very excited to meet the little man!

They quickly became good buddy's!

He wore his Blue shirt just for his Grandaddy Mel, he surely wouldn't do that for just anyone!!

Check out that handsome man!

We all enjoyed a wonderful fresh shrimp and fish meal from my dad and Robin!

Miss Robin was the sweetest!

Grandale found a really cool truck for me to play with while we were there!

Granny Annie and I go waayyy back ;)

we enjoyed our stay at Grandale and Granny Annie's house!

His favorite thing to do with Grandale was to sit outside and look for the squirrels!

checking out LOTS of new people at Great Aunt Melony's house!

4 Generations!  My dad's mom, dad, me and John William!

that trip wore us all out!

We really had a great time, it was just too short!!  Thanks to everyone that visited with us and working around a short time line!!  It's always so good to be with friends and family!  Now... it's time for all those Floridians to make a trip to Alabama!!

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