Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A little mud never hurt anyone...

But what about alot of mud?!?!  This past weekend Brett and I did the "Warrior Dash" near Birmingham.  Brett and I, along with a large group of friends all from Crossfit Tuscaloosa, made the trip, dressed the part, and HAD A BLAST!!  I have be honest and say that I was pretty nervous going into it.  We had to sign a waiver that basically said we were doing something incredibly stupid and we couldn't blame them.  It said something like be prepared for uneven terrain, barbed wire, climbing high hieghts, crawling on all fours, jumping over fire, and swimming through murky waters (to name a few :) )  I knew I was going to be dead last, and made Brett promise that he would hang back with me!

 Afew members of Crossfit Tuscaloosa at the Warrior Dash

 before we hit the mud

we were "pirates" 

And after the mud

don't be confused, we were once all COVERED in more mud, but jumping in the scummy pond water rinsed most of it off

after the 'race'.. celebrating at Chuy's of course!

we really had a great day, and even ran into a few highschool friends that now live in Mobile!!!  Thank you Mrs. Sharon for coming up to spend the day with John William!

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