Monday, September 3, 2012

4 months?!?!

Can't believe this little booger is 4 months old!!

He is looking like a turtle and loving his tummy time! He's also learned how to roll from tummy to back!!

He's loving school and doing great!!!  His teachers are wonderful and we've had a great transition!

In the mornings while I'm getting ready he enjoys sitting on "Daddy's side of the bed".. And he has become such a talker!!!  I love just sitting with him and having him tell me all sorts of things!

These 2 have my heart, I am so blessed!!

And yes, I may take a few too many pictures :) 

but he's just such a good sport about it! And I just love that smile!

school has been wearing him out!

We are so blessed, and so in love!!

He had is 4 month check up last Friday, and everything went great!!  He weighs 15 lbs and is 26 inches long!  Growing growing growing!!  We will now start giving him cereal and baby food- I'm sure fun pictures to come!!

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  1. So cute...and there are never too many pictures. You will never say I shouldn't have taken that picture. All sweet moments of your little boy!