Monday, November 8, 2010

It's been too long!!

Well I have been too long with adding a post!! Not that too much exciting has happened, but still!! Life is great for the Paulk's! Were still always on the go, but loving every minute of it!

recently I decided to get off of Facebook, so if anyone has looked for me there, that's why you couldn't find me! It was way too much of a time waster for me. I was truly obsessed with it, sad I know, and it would be the last thing I looked at before bed, and the first thing in the morning I'd want to check. THere are so many better things I could be doing with that time.. Reading God's word, having quiet time, talking with Brett, or even sleeping! Another problem I would have with facebook is that I would be very judgemental about things I'd see and even get jealous of things I would see that others had, and there is just no sense in that!! Brett and I are blessed beyond measure and that's what I should focus on and sing praise for it!! I may or may not decide to get back on facebook... we'll see!!

Brett is now finished with his little league flag football team, so now it's on to... Basketball!! He'll be coaching that same 2nd grade age group for PARA basketball this winter, from one thing on to the other-- we wouldn't have things any other way!!

We have been enjoying this fall season spending lots of time with friends and family, having great tail gates, loving our Alabama Football team-even depsite some poor games, it's just so much for us, and we're so glad to live in this town and enjoy it all!!

Work is great for us both, we are both really enjoying our jobs. Brett at the Sate Highway Department, and me with my precious 4/5 year olds. We are both learning something new everyday and trying to make the most of it!!

I'll try to post some pictures later, for some reason blogger is just not cooperating with me these days in uploading my pictures!!


  1. Glad you guys are doing well! Maybe we will get to see you over the holidays if we are in Greenville at the same time. Would love for you to meet Owen.

  2. We would LOVE to meet Owen!!!! I follow your blog, and love seeing the pictures of that precious angel!!!