Monday, November 15, 2010

I finally got my picture thing to start working!  So here are a few random ones!!

my 26th birthday, and yes I had some of both cakes :)

Brett and I got creative one night and made this door sign, we make a great team!

Penn State game, Candace, Brittany, and I

my date for the Penn Sate game

My dad and Robin came up for the UA vs Florida game, it was such a great weekend, we so enjoyed showing them where we lived and sharing them with friends!

We found my brother, Zane, tailgating with some other Florida fans

Brett held his first little one!!  He usually waits for them to be at least one year old, but how could anyone resist this sweet sweet boy!!  We love Luke, and the whole Guinn family!

Brett and I at the Florida game.. RTR!!!

My classroom's pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest...
The Blue Room Express!!!

For trunk or treat this year we were part of the "Paulk Duo, Boykin, and Breedlove.. The Greatest Show on Earth".  Brett and I were the knife thrower and assistant. 

Such a fun circus!

Brett and I at LSU.. not the best outcome game, but we still had a good time, and would like to return to Baton Rouge sometime!

So that's what's been going on with us, well a little glimpse!! We're always on the go, but full of joy in all we do.  We are looking forward to the holidays to spend time with family and friends and reflect on all our many many blessings!!  This truly is my most favorite time of year... and yes, the Christmas decorations are already up in the Paulk house :)

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  1. Hey! Thanks for your sweet comment! Somehow I missed that you had a blog! I love it! It was great catching up - you are at University Church of Christ? How awesome! I know you love it - what age are you teaching? Hope to see you soon!