Friday, July 9, 2010

The Lake, 4th of July, and Baseball!!

What a world wind of the past couple weeks have we had, but it's been great, and we wouldn't want it any other way!! The past couple weeks have been spent mostly at the lake, a ball park, or in our car :) That's what summers all about right, going till you can't go anymore!!! We are truly blessed with so many outlets of things to do and friends to do them with!

We spent the Fourth of July out at Sunshine Pointe on Lake Tuscaloosa, the same thing we've been doing the past several years- and we always have so much fun!! Thank you thank you to the hospitality shown by all those involved!! Brett and I spent the day mostly watching the youth group in the lake, and it was so nice to sit back on the swing and watch (and listen) to them laughing away at their craziness! Towards sunset is always my favorite time of the day at the lake, when the sun is getting lower and lower and reflecting against the water.. it's breath taking! I often have to stop and close my eyes while I smile and say prayer of thanksgiving for such beauty our God created for us to enjoy so thoroughly!!

Saturday before the 4th Brett and I went for a ride with our good friends the Davis'.. we rode from one end of the lake to the other, just taking it all in, it was a great day for a ride, and always wonderful when friends are involved!! Huge thank you, Andy & Glisa, for allowing us to take the boat out- Brett and I enjoy it so much and always have a great time-- the only thing missing that day was y'all!!

Throughout the past week we have been going back and forth to watch the Northport Nationals play in the State Tournament. Yes, you can call Brett and I crazy, but we just love it!!! Brett and I are sports fans, and we know several of the boys playing- and we absolutely have a ball watching them play! We even get a little fanatic at times as well! I think this is just preparation for when our children get into sports!! Although the boys fell a little short in the championship game, it was a great week of great baseball. Next stop... the world series!!

I've posted some pictures from the past week or 2, they are kind of crazy out of order and a few duplicates, blogger wasn't letting me delete or move any of them it just didn't want to cooperate with me!!

A picture of some of the Fireworks at the lake (pics don't do the show justice!! It was a Great show!!!)


Brett's little buddy

Part of the sister's cheering squad!!

Random picture next... This would be the almond crust of a Paleo Key Lime pie Brett and I attempted to make...

He really did help... with "Bones" in sight!

So, no... there is not a finished product picture of the Key Lime Pie.. why?? Because it was DISGUSTING!!!! Seriously, neither one of us could even hardly stand ONE bite!! Oh Paleo, only 22 more days--- but who's counting!?!?!!?

Now, more firework-- sorry guys, it just wouldn't let me delete or move pictures today!

part of the Firework shooting crew

ahh, I just love the lake!

back to baseball... (and that was Kirby's snow cone- I wouldn't waste a cheat meal on that thing :))

Back to the lake!

Brett and Clayton driving us around

This weekend we are heading to Greenville to celebrate my nephew's (Kemper) 2nd Birthday!! Both of my parents will be in town, along with brothers and sister, so it should be a great weekend!!


  1. Whose house is that on the lake?

  2. There are 2 houses there.. The Crews & Cunninghams, the beachy looking part and house yousee in some of these pictures is the cabin kind of in the middle.. The house that Ashley took my Bridal portraits at is the cunninghams if you saw those on her web page. I'll explain Monday! But when we say we are going to the lake, that's where we are! Hope you have a great weekend!!