Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Summer Time!!

Hard to believe that the summer is already just about half over!! It's been great so far though!! Very low key for Brett and, just the way we like it!!! He and I have now past the half way part of our first year of marriage, and how wonderful it has been!! I'm truly blessed with an amazing husband!!!

Most of the summer has been spent here in Tuscaloosa, although we haven't gone anywhere we have had some jam packed weeks and weekends! And they've been great. We've had birthday parties, family dinners, Wedding showers, baseball games, dear friends having and adopting babies, spending time at the lake, date nights, and more!!! I love our always on the go life!

This one is hard to see, but it's Brett with Caroline & Mary Helen on his shoulders at Chandler & Brooks' birthday... I honestly don't know who had more fun, Brett or the children!!

Clayton & JG on a super cool bounce house water slide at Caleb's birthday party

Ashley and I went to Sips-n-Strokes one night, such a fun night with a wonderful friend and sister!

Ah, the lake, one of our favorite places to be during the summer!! We try to go any chance we get! We love it!

And then there was the UY Fiesta Lock In.. I think I'm still catching up on sleep from that night!

Thank you God for great friends to spend these wonderful days with!!!

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