Monday, April 12, 2010

The Joy of the Lord will be my strength

In an always changing world, I'm so blessed to have a never changing God. Always true. Always dependable. Always there. Never breaks a promise. Never tells a lie. The joy of the Lord is my strength. In thinking of this I was reminded of many other things that bring joy and happiness to my life. I am in such a happy place as I type this now, but like most of you, have my down days as well. I thought I'd make a list of the things that bring joy and happiness to my life so that on those down days I can look at this and know everything will be alright.

1. God- my top joy.. as the list continues there will be many 'material' things that He has blessed us with, and I am reminded that it is all through Him I have it.
2. Brett
3. Being Forgiven
4. Being loved by the King.. just because
5. Family
4. Those friends that are so close to us that they are basically family
5. A child's laughter
6. Little boys playing baseball
7. Diet Mountain Dew
8. 1000 thread count sheets
9. Genuine smiles on a child's face
10. A full tank of gas
11. Dessert
12. "Game night" with friends
13. The look on Brett's face when I've made a HUGE mess in the kitchen
14. Being called "Duck"
15. My grandmother, and all of her wisdom
16. Someone telling me their good news
17. Date nights
18. Weddings
19. The lake
20. Rosey red cheeks from the sun
21. The beach
22. Pillow talk
23. Seeing the students at Rise on their playground having the time of their life next door
24. Remembering High School
25. Laughing so hard that who knows what might happen :)
26. A clean house
27. Fluffy towels freshly folded out of the drier
28. Alabama Football
29. Saturdays in the fall on the Quad
30. December 19, 2009
32. text messages
33. Notifications of someone posting something on my wall
34. God's handiwork all over this beautiful land
35. A sunny day
36. Worshiping at University Church of Christ
37. being married
38. Pachabells Cannon in D
39. A tear jerker movie (I know doesn't make sense)
40. Flowers blooming
41. Children's books
42. Plays
43. helping someone
44. Sharpies
45. Seeing an old friend
46. babies
47. Sunday afternoon naps
48. Pictures
49. Watching Brett get excited over a work out
50. The holidays

Again.. just to name a few ;) Thank you God for all the gifts in my life that you have blessed me with, if not for you, I would have nothing.


  1. LOVE # 7 & 8

    #10 always makes me happy because there are very few times I actually see it full.

    #13 Made me laugh. So cute!

    You were always good at # 43

    and #46 makes me happy because after 1year-1/2 of trials, tears, pills, and sadness come June I will finally have one to call my own! God is so good!

    Thanks for sharing. This was really cute. God sure has blessed you. =)

  2. Oh you are too sweet Kimberly!! God has blessed us immeasurably, and to Him be the glory!! Didn't know y'all had gone through so much in order to have a little one. We will definitely keep the duration of your pregnancy in our prayers!!

  3. I LOVE this!! Thank you for posting it...makes me stop and think about all the things I'm thankful for!! May have to steal this :) Miss you!