Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had!!! It started off Friday night with a great date night for Brett and I.. early dinner then home to watch "Bones"-- Brett and I are somewhat addicted to this show about an FBI agent that works with a Forensic Anthropologist; suspense with a romantic/comedic twist. Saturday morning, after the rain went through, Brett and I headed to Kentuck to watch some of our favorite little guys play baseball. Afterward Brett had to head up to campus to work on some of his many things he has due in the upcoming weeks, and I headed home. It turned into a beautiful day, and I enjoyed having windows opened and getting some things done around the house.. along with watching two of my favorite movies in the process, Father of the Bride I & II. I was working on making some dishes for our Easter lunch, and what a lunch we had!!!! I made...
Nutter-Butter Banana Pudding

Rainbow Jell-O

and a sweet potato casserole... But Oh.My.Word. had how many wonderful dishes we had at lunch!!! It was a wonderful pot luck meal filled with many of our closest friends that are family to us. Thank you to the Breedlove's for having us all over!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon while admiring God's beautiful creations I couldn't help but to just continue wanting to give thanks, and had so much joy in my heart in knowing that God, our Father, created all of this and how much power he has. Jesus has risen, He is alive!!!!!!!!

We are blessed beyond measure, and thankful to God.

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