Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is it Spring?

I know I am among many when I say that it can't become Spring soon enough!  Although I feel in my family times is rushing by far too fast, I am so over this winter season.  The gray days, the cold (and icy) temperatures, and the lack of blooms around is beginning to get to me.  Brett has literally been working around the clock recently due to terrible road conditions around our state.  I know there are many that are without there spouses on a regular basis because of work schedules, but it's just not something that I'm used  to, and when I'm already feeling down and depressed, it's just not a good combination!  I have felt very overwhelmed with work and mommy responsibilities that I have felt even more alone.  I have easily forgotten that I may feel alone in a physical way, He is with me.  I got a sweet Valentine from one of my students, a bracelet with Psalm 145:18 engraved in it.. "The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth".  My prayer life and daily reading as been minimal, to be very generous, and it is showing.  I needed that reminder that we are never alone, and even when down in the dumps and overwhelmed, He will here my cry, He will see me through.  And He will bring the Spring!!

This little one is growing too fast, and that too makes this mamma a little sad

 a couple weeks ago we took a surprise trip down to Greenville one Sunday morning.  We walked to church while Mr. Ronnie was giving announcements, he was so surprised and tickled to see us, he couldn't finish :) mission accomplished ;)  We couldn't leave lunch without putting a few balls

 and after lunch we had some driving practice in Pops & Meme's back yard

From Jan 17 - February 17 John William has been on Augmitten for his lungs.  For most this doesn't cause any sleep side effects, but for this one it does.  If we give him his second dose after about 4:00 he will wake up sometime in the middle of the night.  Just wanting to play.  Crazy I know, but we've done our own trial test, and this is the only conclusion we can come up with!  So many mornings this is what my bed looks like.  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE sleep..

No matter if he keeps me up all night or not, I love this little Valentine!

after not seeing Brett for the entire week, we were able to celebrate Valentine's Day by going on a date to one of our favorite local spots, Five.  They said there would be a 2 hour and 45 minute wait.  Normally we would have walked right out, but Meme was with John William, and we were just looking forward to time together no matter where we were.  We ended up only being there about an hour and half total with a delicious meal.

speaking of meals… John William isn't a picky eater, he'll eat just about anything. When HE wants to.  Lately he hasn't wanted to eat anything. Accept ketchup.

Going back to the augmitton.. We got off of it last Sunday, and by Wednesday we were back at the pediatrician with cough, congestion, green snot everywhere, and fever. *Sigh*

We did a chest x-ray, and while it looks MUCH better than our previous x-ray before our procedure at Children's and our month of antibiotic, but there was still junk in there.  His poor lungs just loves to catch infection.  So we are back on the medicine for 2 more weeks and the nebulizer is our good friend again.  I'm hoping this will get all the junk good and gone before spring allergens come in full bloom!

Even though he's sick, I do enjoy a nice day at home with my boy.  Especially when he loves such classics as these!!

I hate to complain, because I know this too shall pass, and there will be days when I long to have this time back.  So I will vamp up my time with God, enjoy my family when we are all together, and look forward to the warmer days that are near.

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