Monday, April 29, 2013


Last Friday was the day for John William to get his tubes.  Me, being the anxious worry-wort that I am, was thinking all sorts of things leading up to this.  I had been told over, and over, how easy the procedure was and how much better things would be afterward, but it was still my baby and he was going to be put to sleep for a bit, and that just concerned me.  We had to be at Children's Hospital in Birmingham at 7 on Friday and the hardest part of the day was not allowing John William to eat and keeping him happy until he went back about 10:00.  Children's Hospital is FABULOUS!  All the nurses and doctors were so nice and accommodating and very reassuring.  John William did great during the wait and actually seemed to be pretty excited about the day.  He was bouncing all around the place and 'talking' to anyone that would look his way.  He took about an hour and half nap in my arms during the wait, so that helped as well.  He went to the nurse great when it was time to go, and was gone about an hour.  When they brought him back to us the nurses kept saying how talkative and smiley he was.  I laughed, I was expecting a 'drugged' little boy that just wanted to sleep- but nope, he was ready to get on with the rest of the day!  He must get that from his daddy, because if I take any sort of medicine I'm ready for a nap (let's be honest- I'm ready for a nap at any time of any day!)

We are very thankful for many prayers for John William and his ears, and my crazy worrisome self.  Prayers were felt, and everything went smooth as silk!

The rest of the weekend was great as well.. we celebrated John William's first birthday.. more on that later!

on our way!

playing with the pager

having fun in the 'cage'

everything is good as long as he has a ball!

a rest while we wait

all done!

and here's a taste of how much fun he was having while we were there!

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