Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The New Deck

The past two weekends Brett, along with help from some pretty awesome neighbors, added an addition to our back porch.  We knew from the beginning that we wanted our back deck to be a little bigger, it was just hard to find the time to make it happen!  Now that it is done, I am so thankful that is, John William and I have already enjoyed our time out there, and I know we will all summer long!!

I actually meant to take some before/during/after pictures-- but I failed.  Here are some pictures of John William and I enjoying it though!

Telling the bigger kids he was ready to play basketball!

we tested out the blow up bouncy house/ball pit that we'll be using for his birthday party, just to be sure he'd enjoy it over the weekend...

and he did!!

we've also been using our 'walker' in the yard.. he's ready to cut the grass!

Also...  I got a really great deal on a beautiful Armoire that I knew would go great in our bedroom.  I measured it and it was going to fit perfectly!  The only thing I didn't measure was the corner around the stairs to get this beautiful armoire up to our room.  Ooops.  A few bumps into the wall, shifting, and 3 strong men sweating it was decided it wasn't going in the normal way!  So over the weekend our neighbor Greg helped Brett get in a more unconventional way...

yes, that happened!  When there's a will... there's a way!!  Thank you Greg and Brett!!

We've also enjoyed some warm days and with that came an invitation to our friends heated pool!

I see lots of trips to the Skelton's pool this summer :)

Our little guy is getting very active, and we are just trying to keep up, while loving every minute of it!!  Can't believe he'll be one next week.  Ready or not. Here it comes!  

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