Wednesday, June 27, 2012


No, that's not an important day coming up, it's our new address!!! The day has come and we are now officially home owners again! It's been 11 months since we sold and moved out of our last house, and wow at the things that have happened in that time!! It was right after we moved into our apartment that we found out we were pregnant and now we'll be moving our family of 3 into our new home!!! We are so excited about this move and the things to come!! Brett has worked so so hard on getting our house ready and doing many projects to complete the build and pass inspection. He's done all this while teaching his morning class at the gym, working his full time job at ALDOT, taking care of a very sick wife at times, and enjoying our son. I wish I could say I was always all smiles and patient.. However patience is not one of my strong points- I'm really working on it though! I know I rushed him, missed him, and wasn't always able to help as much as I wish I could; but I am so very thankful for all his hard work, and the hard work of friends that helped him and kept him company during late nights!! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful, hard working husband that wants the best for his family!!!! Now... Let's start the move!!! We are without internet now so once we get settled in pictures will come!! Ready or not new neighbors, here come the Paulks!!!!!!

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