Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh September

Where did you go???  Time sure does fly these days, and most days we feel as if we are running through a revolving door, that I know will only spin faster as John William gets older and more involved in activities, and we will love every minute of it I'm sure.  I'll try to get caught up on September, so here comes blog over load this weekend (hopefully!)

September starts with MY birthday!  Yes, I'm still like a little kid when it comes to my birthday and get so very excited!  This year it fell on a Saturday, and after many weekends of going, going, going, I was  very excited to just sit at home with my sweet family of 3 that morning and have friends and family over for dinner that night.  In the Paulk family you get to pick whatever meal you want for your birthday, and Mrs. Sharon will make it happen, something I hope to continue for John William!

On Saturdays Brett gets up with John William (which is usually around 7:30, so thankfully not too early), so when my birthday fell on a Saturday it was a wonderful morning to sleep in!  Once we were all up and moving around we decided to go to the park that is just down the street from our house.

it was a beautiful morning, not too hot and felt wonderful in the shade!

I think all children are programmed to go up the slide automatically!

but going down is so much fun too!

it was a great morning!  We then ate lunch and went home and spent some much needed time together! Family and friends came over for dinner, and really was the perfect day.  Although this is the last year of my 20's, I am so thankful to be growing another year older.  Every year brings new challenges, adventures, and blessings.  I look forward to ending this decade of life and starting the next with the ones I love!

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