Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last post.. 2 months ago!?!

Well, I guess I am now a blogger fail :) oops!  During the last two months lots of things have happened!!  Our house is moving along, painters have been there this week, and hopefully floors will begin being laid soon!  Estimated move in date is still June, which is fine-- I have lots of other things occupying my mind :)  Brett and I have been blessed by 4 baby showers in the last 2 months, a Crossfit Shower, Fort Deposit Church of Christ Shower, Univeristy Church Shower, and a work shower at my school!  We have been so humbled by so many peoples generosity!!

Today I'll post about our Fort Deposit Shower...  Fort Deposit Church of Christ is where Brett grew up going to church, and has been involved with since day one!  When Brett and I started dating I began going to church with him, and it became home, and everyone invited me in as if I'd been apart of their youth group forever!!  Brett's parents and grandparents have always been active members of this church, and I know always will be.  Brett and I were married in this church, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts!!  For the church to seek us out and to tell us that they were planning a shower for us was such an awesome surprise!!  Brett and I have been in Tuscaloosa almost 10 years, and yes we visit Fort Deposit often (well not as often as we use to), we definitely were not expecting them to go out of their way to bless us so much with an awesome Shower!!  A class mate of mine, Lindsey, called me and asked me about it, and I was so thankful for her words!  Lindsey, a mother to a one year old and new born as well as a High School senior (the Croley family has a great foster and adoption story, they fought the hard fight, knowing God would get them through-- very inspiring!!)  She is also a full time elementary teacher-- so this girl really didn't have time to do this, but with they help of some of her good friends (and ours) they gave us the perfect shower!!  It reminded me of the closeness of small churches, the family and community that churches display, and how much Brett, his family, and I are loved by Fort Deposit Church of Christ.  We have been blessed by this church and always will.  We can't wait for the Fort Deposit Community to meet John William this summer :):)

here's just a few pics...

 AMAZING cake, made by the wonderfully talented Rayla Black!!  Thank you Rayla!  We love you!!!

 Houndstooth of course!

 You can't really tell by this pic above, I'll post better ones later.. but..  the bear on the right was Brett's 'snuggly' a polar bear, that has bald spots where he twirled the bears hair and loved him, a missing nose, and some what 'discoloration'... on the left is John William's polar bear, which is what Brett's looked like once upon a time!!  Brett's baby blanket is also in the basket, and a picture of Brett snuggling with the blanket and bear-- this is a treasure!  Thank you Mrs. Sharon!

Thank you again so much Lindsey (and Lauren, and Melissa, and Rayla) for a special day!!  Thank you Fort Deposit Church of Christ for blessing Brett and I with your generous gifts and prayers for our family!!!!  We appreciate you all!!

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